Just For Women

MBA Capital Limited offers programs specifically designed to guide women who have been through a difficult life change to financial independence. Our Advisors understand the unique needs of women at a crossroads in their lives who are well-educated, but not necessarily well-versed in financial planning. They will educate you about the financial markets and risk, while providing sound financial advice throughout the process to help you meet your new challenges with strength and confidence.

We utilize a 6-step process to identify the specific issues women may face, such as divorce or loss of a spouse. Our program for women includes:

  • A personal, in-depth interview to create a solid financial plan
  • Education on the financial markets and risk mitigation strategies
  • Consultation on a new estate plan that may include updating of beneficiaries on retirement accounts, such as 401(k) plans and IRAs
  • A Personal Insurance Analysis — evaluates current coverage of property, casualty, umbrella and life insurance to determine proper coverage at better rates*
  • A Mortgage Analysis — Although MBA Capital Limited does not transact mortgages, we have a network of mortgage brokers and banks with whom we work to ensure that the mortgage fits within our clients’ overall financial plan*
  • Development of a budget, savings and investment plan
  • Personal Advisor that understands the unique nature of your situation, and is there to guide you every step of the way